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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Cover Up

Dear NaturalNews readers,

The swine flu outbreak is dominating news headlines across the world this week, and for good reason! It technically qualifies as a Phase 5 outbreak according to the World Health Organization (WHO), but they've only "officially" raised the level to Phase 4 so far...

Why would they try to downplay the true danger of this fast-spreading virus? Read my article for possible reasons why:

Click on title above to see this article;

On the same cover-up theme, a hospital in Florida appears to have been caught up in a swine flu cover-up after its chief medical officer announced a patient there had been diagnosed with the infection. The hospital called a press conference and denied any "CDC-confirmed" infections, which probably means a patient was infected, but the CDC hasn't acknowledged it yet, so they're not willing to admit anything.

Why all the swine flu secrecy? Read my report on that development here:


By the way, did you know that homeopathic remedies were successfully used to treat the 1918 influenza outbreak? Here's our report on that:


Our swine flu preparedness teleconference is already 50% full. If you'd like to join this Thursday evening, it's an information-packed audio event where I teach you everything I know about preparing for pandemic outbreaks in both urban and rural environments. Read that announcement here:


California, by the way, has just declared an official state of emergency for dealing with the swine flu. Two deaths there appear to have been caused by it, making them the first deaths recorded in the U.S. due to the outbreak.

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