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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cocktail Carrots Coated w/ Toxic Chlorine

Shoot, I buy these all the time as a treat for my dogs and horses.

In a message dated 4/15/2009 11:15:40 AM Central Standard Time,
matesky@peoplepc.com writes:

> The following is information from a farmer
> who grows and packages carrots for IGA, METRO, LOBLAWS, etc
> The small cocktail (baby) carrots you buy
> in small plastic bags are made using the larger crooked or
> deformed carrots which are put through a machine which cuts
> and shapes them into cocktail carrots - most people probably
> know this already.
> What you may not know and should know is
> the following:
> Once the carrots are cut and shaped into
> cocktail carrots they are dipped in a solution of water and
> chlorine in order to preserve them) this is the same
> chlorine used in your pool).
> Since they do not have their skin or
> natural protective covering, they give them a higher dose of
> chlorine.
> You will notice that once you keep these
> carrots in your refrigerator for a few days, a white
> covering will form on the carrots. This is the chlorine
> which resurfaces.
> At what cost do we put our health at risk
> to have esthetically pleasing vegetables?
> Chlorine is a very well-known carcinogen,
> which causes Cancer..
> I thought this was worth passing on. Pass
> it on to as many people as possible in hopes of informing
> them where these carrots come from and how they are
> processed.
> I used to buy those baby carrots for
> vegetable dips. I know that I will never buy them again!!!!
> Confirmed by Snopes:
> _Snopes.com_ (http://snopes.com/) : Baby Carrots ....
> Are baby carrots made from deformed full-sized carrots
> that have been soaked in chlorine?
> ...--> Contaminated Food --> Carrot and Shtick
> Carrot and Shtick Claim: Baby carrots are made from deformed
> full-sized carrots that have been...
> ...carrots that you buy in grocery stores come from
> deformed crooked big carrots. They are put through a machine
> to become small cocktail carrots. This part...
> ...I think after reading this we will all strart
> making our own carrot sticks out of fresh carrots and keep
> them in the fridge (a few at a time), right?...
> Fri, 13 Mar 2009 11:22:59 GMT
> _http://www.snopes.com/food/tainted/carrots.asp_

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