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Monday, June 29, 2009

US Pig Farmers Destroying Pigs & US Compensating Them?

Pig carcasses slop across I-235 on-ramp

The Wichita Eagle

You probably would've believed this story when pigs fly.


A truck spilled several pig carcasses over a west Wichita highway ramp Wednesday, causing a traffic headache — and a big stink — for nearly two hours.

One hundred degrees. Near rush hour. Talk about bad timing.

Authorities said that a driver transporting the carcasses made the turn on the ramp at about 3:45 p.m. Because of the steepness of that ramp, the driver spilled several carcasses, according to the Kansas Highway Patrol.

But the patrol said the driver didn't realize he spilled the pigs, and kept on driving.

In the meantime, authorities closed the ramp to clean up the mess — made worse, the patrol said, by the extreme heat.

"The heat probably didn't help the smell much," said a patrol dispatcher.

It was so bad that a police officer working the scene said he nearly got sick.

Not to worry, though. Authorities said the spilled carcasses caused no health risks.

Just a big mess.

The cleanup work was done by crews from the Kansas Department of Transportation, according to spokesman Tom Hein.

Hein didn't know how many carcasses there were. It was difficult to determine, he said.

KDOT workers scooped up the carcasses and treated the ramp "to help absorb some of the moisture that was left" from the carcasses, Hein said.

By 5:30, the highway ramp was back open.

The pigs were taken to a pit, where they were dumped.

And quickly covered.

Bloggers Note: And where did all these dead little piggies come from, and how did they meet their ends, and why buried in a pit instead of a rendering plant? Could it be American pig farmers are destroying their (unmarketable) pigs and is the gov't (US) is paying the vig?


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