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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BigAg Against Food Safety Bill

Tell Congress You Need Strong Food Safety Reform

Here's the good news: after countless recalls, including the disastrous peanut butter-related Salmonella outbreak this winter, Congress is finally considering Congressman Waxman's food safety bill -- the bill goes to the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week. The bad news? You guessed it, big ag is pulling out all the stops to weaken the bill. Can your tell your Member of Congress you want a strong food safety bill?

Big ag will always have more money to fight these battles than we do, but we have something they don't -- thousands of activists who will contact Congress. Congress needs to hear from all of us if they are going to stand up to big ag.

Here's what your Member of Congress needs to hear about the food safety bill:

1) The bill must include frequent inspections of food processing plants. The Peanut Corporation of America debacle showed that industry self-regulation just doesn't cut it.

2) It must set strong standards for imports that are equal to the standards that apply to domestically produced food.

3) It must include sensible regulations that work for farmers of all sizes - that include flexibility, not one-size-fits-all rules geared toward the largest operations.

We won't get many chances to fix our broken food safety system, so it's critical that we stand up now and stop big ag from weakening Congressman Waxman's food safety bill. Can you contact your Member of Congress today?

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Alex, Sarah, Noelle and the Food Team
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