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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FDA helped unleash salmonella-laced peanuts on public

Do you know why the FDA is in charge of keeping America's food supply safe?

Because no other nation would have them.

That's the thought I'm left with after learning… and this was no big surprise… that the FDA played a larger role than we thought in allowing a salmonella outbreak to sweep through the nation, sickening hundreds and possibly killing 8 people.

I told you a couple weeks ago there would be more to this story.

By now you know that the salmonella outbreak has been tied to Peanut Corp.'s peanut processing facility in Georgia. I was surprised that our normally-bungling FDA was able to identify the source so quickly. Now I know why.

It turns out that the FDA knew for nine months that there were unsanitary practices going on at this facility. Nine months!

You see, Peanut Corp. tried to ship some peanuts into Canada back in April 2008. The shipment was rejected for having a "filthy, putrid or decomposed substance," and ended up in the FDA's possession.

They never tested it. After some back and forth with Peanut Corp., the FDA decided it had some serious concerns about the adequacy of the company's testing practices. It destroyed the shipment… and that was it.

No follow up. No testing of the rejected food. No asking Peanut Corp. to stop selling products until it got conditions at its plant back under control.

The FDA did what it does best. It got out of the way. It let a company that wasn't producing food suitable for Canadians keep selling to Americans.

And the story isn't over. It seems like every day the number of sick increases, and a new batch of products is recalled. Meanwhile, the FDA wants us to believe they're on top of the problem. They're more than on top of the problem – they're party to blame for it.

As I've been telling you for years, don't count on food conglomerates or the FDA to look out for your health and safety. Buy locally and grow your own food when you can. Folks who do those two things always seem to come out of these public health messes just fine

Dr. Alan Ingilis
"The Country Doctor"

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