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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ag Class in Grammer Schools

Sounds like a good idea. But I wonder will they tell the WHOLE TRUTH? They need to take the kiddies on tours of the slaughter-houses and meat-processing plants and teach them about ANIMAL CRUELTY, Mad Cow, Bovine TB, and other food-chain animal diseases that seem to have run rampant in the USA. They need to show the kiddies "Fast Food Nation" and Petas "meet Your Meat."

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Whether its the loaf of bread, glass of milk or hamburger on your tablechances are tonight your 4th grader could tell you where it comes from.

The Living Ag Classroom is the kids part of the KFYR Radio Agri International.

The program is helping nearly 1-thousand 4th students from nearly 40 area schools learn more about where their food comes from and who is producing it.

Milk, oil, beef, beans-even wheat being ground into flour are just a few of things students have the chance to see and learn more about.

And you might be surprised at what the kids seem to find the most interesting.

Stephanie Weinberger / MDA: " I think they are most surprised by the feed that they eat because they don't realize that they drink a bathtub full of water or all the different feeds that they have to eat to produce the milk and all the other different dairy products they get to enjoy.

Lindsey Dale / Northern Canola Growers: "They are really surprised that most of these oils are used in a lot of foods. They will pick up the Goldfish, and first of all they are hungry and then they will go, "really canola oil is used in this?"

The Living Ag Classroom wraps up tomorrow afternoon.

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