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Saturday, June 25, 2011

FDA's approval of aspartame

If a product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) and composed of natural ingredients, would you assume

it is safe to consume? If the same product is an artificial sweetener, would you assume

it helps control your weight? Millions of people use aspartame,

the artificial sweetener known as NutraSweet, with these

assumptions in mind.



However, aspartame's tainted history of approval and potentially

toxic ingredients cast serious doubt on the safety of this sugar

substitute. Furthermore, aspartame may actually increase your

appetite (Farber 52).

While the FDA approval may signal the green light for safe

consumption, 85 percent of all complaints registered with the

FDA are for adverse reactions to aspartame, including five

reported deaths. A closer look at the unscientific studies,

suspicious approval methods, and its harmful ingredients,

reveal the hidden dangers of this artificial sweetener.

In reality, aspartame poses a public health threat.



- Alexandra

See also, the FDAs "Splendid Lies,:  "Splenda" - http://exposingfdanusda.blogspot.com/2009/06/fda-on-splenda-splendid-lies.html

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