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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In a confidential letter this month from the UK Health Protection Agency, neurologists were warned that the swine flu vaccine is a potential trigger for cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a neurological illness often triggered by autoimmune induced nervous system damage following vaccinations. Swine flu vaccinations in the USA flu epidemic of 1976 triggered a rash of GBS cases that led to far more deaths and severe disabilities than the influenza did. Once again, as flu pandemic fears are spread, people are receiving vaccinations and the untested vaccines are leading health authorities to prepare for an upsurge in GBS cases. Rather than alerting the public to this hazard and obtaining informed consent from those given shots, the health authorities are asking doctors to monitor the expected illnesses and impairments triggered by the vaccines.

The letter to doctors in the UK was leaked to The Mail, and warns physicians to look out for increases in GBS, which is known to be triggered by vaccinations. GBS attacks the lining of nerves known as myelin, leading often to paralysis, breathing impairment, and a sizable number of deaths. During the 1976 flu epidemic in the USA only one death was attributed to the flu while 25 deaths were soon associated with GBS cases fostered by vaccine reactions. That total does not consider how many of those with vaccine-associated GBS cases died much later due to the effects of nervous system damage. At the time, the vaccine campaign was halted after health authorities recognized the serious complications arising from the shots. Following that fiasco, the US Government paid victims of the vaccine-triggered GBS millions of dollars. Currently, health advocates in both the UK and USA are alarmed by the actions of their respective governments. This includes the US Government's actions to provide legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers for any claims alleging harm caused by vaccines. Many believe that their governments are acting to support the financial interests of vaccine manufacturers while actively covering up evidence of vaccines posing risks to public health.


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