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Monday, July 13, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccines: To Jab or Not to Jab?


Dear all, This is not the first warning I've received about this subject, thus I feel obliged to post this to all our groups so you will have an opportunity to do some research on this issue.
VIDEO: Swine Flu & "60 Minutes"

Come this fall, many governments will have a great deal
of swine flu vaccine stocked and ready to go.

There's big money to be made selling vaccines (just ask major Swine
Flu vaccine shareholder, Donald Rumsfeld) who refuses to talk about his Tamiflu connection;

The government and media fear-mongering is already starting.

On Thursday, July 9, US health officials said the government would
like to institute mass vaccinations of school-aged children
starting in October.

Should this happen, we will be removing our children from school
rather than let them receive this vaccine.

Why? Well just watch the two videos below, from the last time
the government got into the swine flu vaccine business.

The two videos are a 1979 "60 Minutes" story about some
of the people who became seriously ill, permanently paralyzed, or
died due to the vaccine.

Before letting yourself or your loved ones be vaccinated with
this new, untested vaccine, before you let them become
fodder for Big Pharma profits, do some research and
seriously question the need for this -- or any government
vaccine schemes.

The 1976 mass vaccination was stopped, but only after
thousands of people became massively ill.
Nothing has changed between then and now.

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