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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tell USDA there is NO such thing as "Organic" Factory Farming!

Say No to Organic Factory Farms!

December 18, 2008

Tell USDA there's no such thing as an organic factory farm!

Many consumers are willing to pay more for organic milk because of what the label represents - cows grazing on pastures and farmers using organic methods that are good for animals, the environment, and consumer health. But for years the USDA has not enforced strong organic dairy standards, allowing factory farm dairies with thousands of animals to be certified organic. Tell the USDA there's no such thing as an organic factory farm!

The short version of the story is that as organic milk got more popular, large-scale dairies became certified as organic. These factory farms cut corners by not allowing cows enough time - or any time - on pasture to eat grass, a basic tenet of organic farming. This not only undermines consumer confidence in organic, but also threatens the survival of organic family dairy farms.

A long-overdue rule change could stop organic factory farms and level the playing field for struggling family farmers. After pressure from farmers, consumers and even members of Congress, the USDA has finally put out a proposal to deal with the pasture issue. It goes beyond dairy cows and also prohibits the use of feedlots for organic beef cattle.

It's time for the organic industry to level the playing field for family farmers and make sure that organic animals are raised in ways that meet consumers' expectations.

Tell the USDA to get rid of organic factory farms once and for all.

Thanks for taking action,

Noelle Ferdon, Senior Food Organizer
Food & Water Watch

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